Bad Customer Service

I have to listen to perverted old men talking sometimes, whenever they feel like a chat, they call it good customer service to stand there stifling your bile while they tell you how attractive they find nurses dressed in scrubs. Just smile, hold it, try not to show your gritted teeth. Other things that were said cannot be posted here, I don’t want to upset anybody.

You really learn a lot while working in customer service, you learn who you hate! Most people are lovely then there’s maybe one out of twenty that’s a total asshole who either leches over you making the most inappropriate comments that are supposed to be humour or leches over somebody else and discusses it with you like you’re a fellow man or close personal friend – I am not your friend. 

Also there’s the racists, not always who you expect them to be, who so blatantly talk about the nearest POC in earshot it is eye poppingly shocking. The best thing I read about a public act of the typical kind of dumb racism I hear in my workplace was something along the lines of this:

I was sitting on a bus about half full, there was an Asian lady who was speaking to her son, suddenly a man shouts “if you’re gonna live in England learn to speak English”, another man responded with “we’re in Wales, she’s speaking Welsh”

The paupers, who aren’t poor at all but act like they’re deprived of clothes on their backs as they beg you for a discount with every excuse under the sun and then shimmy off to their Audi A7 and their Manolo’s. The worst excuse for a reduction I ever got was exactly “my Mum’s in hospital can I get a discount?” Well… you use your mothers illness to get money off? So by that logic, I could walk into a shop and say ‘my Dad’s dead give me money’.

If you work in a customer service environment where the customers bring you stock to sell then the worst of those are the inconsiderate life force suckers that arrive at closing time with sixteen crates and “can we have the boxes back?” Six words that make my brain shrivel and my ears melt off Twilight Zone style. 

Surely by now I’ve convinced myself to change jobs! I’m working on some coursework in a different direction to what I’m doing now and I’m glad, it’s giving me new life. I’ve missed learning and can’t wait to get the next work book to research and complete and hopefully, everything crossed, it will help me bridge a gap to a happier place away from all of these trolls.


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