Off The Rails

I suppose I’m drifting into the realm of not making sense, contradicting myself at every turn, desperate to find a new job but scared of change, wanting to be challenged intellectually but craving simplicity. Perhaps that’s why I’m not having much luck getting onto some kind of career path. The path I’m searching for is not on Google maps, a complete figment of my imagination that any career exists for me at all.

I never expected perfection from a job, I know that is far too unrealistic, but even in my current job there are days I just can’t stand but then others I think to myself that if I had no one to talk to or nothing to be angry about, how boring that would be!

I can’t understand myself so I don’t expect anyone else to either. If I could shop for a career idea, if it could be contained inside a box hanging from a rack then I bet I would enjoy searching for it, I think that I would buy them all and try everything and even if I came back to retail at least then I would know what I wanted from life.

The unknown is the worst.


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