Have you ever read a book of short stories? Were you as disappointed with them as I was? I’ve read two, one by my favourite author at the time and another years ago by someone I never wanted to read anything from again. They both had the same endings, nothing happy, nothing resolved, just ended where they were, no satisfaction for the reader. 

One particular story I remembered from the book that I hated pops into my mind with every news story just lately. It was set in Wales, a girl hated her mother, ran away from home on the way to school, she stood in bus stops wearing her uniform and was picked up by a man, taken to his house to live and in time introduced to sexual activities (willingly) then suddenly used as a drug mule to take cocaine to foreign destinations… then it ended. Just like that. No police chase, no punishing the bad man, like as if that was going to be her story now for the rest of her life and there will be no happy ending. 

The book was aimed at teenagers, that’s the terrible thing, and that’s why I read it, it sat in that section in the book shop aimed at me and other youths. The other stories were the same, bad things happening to young people too dumb to realise how bad they are, then just ending. It should have been banned, it either gave teens bad ideas or disturbed them so much the stories stuck with them fifteen years later! 

You need to give youth an ending to be happy about! They may lead their lives thinking that it can’t happen to them and that they have to continue doing what they hate with no happiness or resolution to look forward to in the end, just a full stop and a blank page.


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