Cogs Don’t Turn

I have been speaking with my sister this evening about our shared inability to deal with certain situations that others find a piece of cake. 

I’m having difficulty mustering the courage to exchange my awful job for a better one, the hurdle that my legs are too short to jump over is my mental capacity. It would go something like this; “so why did you choose to leave your current place of work?” “Well, I keep having nervous breakdowns whenever my work load increases and I now hate dealing with people.. I’ll let myself out shall I?”

In my sister’s case she is finding her motherhood of two years increasingly difficult. Like myself, once a new situation presents itself that is somewhat worse than the previous, it becomes cognitive overload and we both almost reach the point of escape. However, it wouldn’t be beneficial for my future job prospects, if there are any, to run out in the middle of my working day and a tad neglectful for her to keep calling babysitters for her toddler so she can escape to the country, so we sit in our trapped situations on the brink of abandonment waiting to be rescued by either winning the lottery or a knight in shining armour – both highly unlikely.

What can we do? Our stress levels and blood pressure are through the roof. We’re both tired for no reason and constantly in contact with our angry messages to one another regarding work or partners. I’ve just this second established that my misery is created by others and I feel I need to be far away from people, I suspect my sister may feel the same. Other people cause the mind to cease functioning normally resulting in this loss of ability for coping with smaller tasks that to everyone else are trivial.


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