I’m Sorry I Can’t Speak Greek

It’s a low week for me, I’ve made it no secret yet. A brief moment of job searching on Indeed I found several jobs that I could do, all ‘experience necessary’ and ‘NVQ in etc etc’, I switched off the browser and flicked through my Twitter newsfeed. I really don’t want to deal with people today, not on this day.

 I’m  expected to smile and acccept comments on my appearance in my delicate state of mind. “You look tired” is certainly my most loathed three words while working, not that I take pride in my appearance at work, I stopped bothering with that along time ago, but never-the-less I don’t want to hear ‘you look like crap’, which is basically what that statement means to me. It says that you look less than your best, less than your usual self, so much that people feel they need to bring it to your attention. A put down disguised as concern. Of course I’m tired, I’m working!
I feel like explaining to them that I’ve had a very exhausting morning trying to make a Greek lady understand that she can only have an exchange not a refund. I wasn’t impatient with her at all, but I found it particularly tiring trying to invoke my inner thesaurus to seek words she may understand. A part of me wanted to break the rules and do the refund but then I imagined trying to explain ‘just this once’ to her and predicted my failure in that. 

Afterwards I found myself in a pharmacy parting with £7.25 for Kalms. Today is almost over.


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