The Day I Lost Myself

Date: 24/10/01

Time: 7:50am

Wednesday. Fifteen years ago.

Half way through my autumn school break, I had finally got settled into my new school after several months. The phone rings at 8:00am, Mother disappears out of the house and is gone for the rest of the day. The world stops spinning until she returns.

I didn’t feel it straight away, it took weeks for the void to appear and although I’ve lost many people since, all equally as devastating, this was the first and the most memorable.

I believe that when people you love die they take pieces of you with them because you don’t feel the same again, but they never take your memories.

Date: 24/10/11

Time: 1:05pm

Ten years later. My aunt set the watch that had stopped working to 1:05, returned to hospital a short while afterwards, “what was the time of death?” 1:05pm.

“He came back ten years later to take her.”

It’s like losing a limb, he took my leg and I’ve not walked the same since and she took my soul and I’ve been truly lost without it. Five whole years of aimless wondering through life without her, missing a leg, my left arm, a little finger from my right hand, my left eye and my soul. I can never get them back.


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