Too Well

The last few days have been a delight, with very little to complain about. Beautiful wintery but dry weather, stress free drives to work and back, my outlook is quite positive however I do believe ‘what goes up must come down’ and I’m expecting the world to fall apart, my plans to backfire, my stress to return.

I wish that I could be cheery like most of the people that I meet, but on the other hand I have witnessed them fall to pieces in an unexpected crisis that they were unprepared to deal with and I think that being tense and ready for danger can sometimes be a good thing. There is less disappointment to deal with when things don’t go your way if you never feel like anything goes your way anyway – getting to the positivity – then when everything does go to plan, when your mascara doesn’t flick in your eye in the morning, your tights aren’t on backwards all day and the traffic home is minimal, the feeling that life is running smoothly is euphoric and without the horror of day to day stress and anxiety you cannot appreciate when life feels so perfect as I do now.



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