Flip a Coin

I received a public apology from my company today on the employment of a woman who was intended to inspire and motivate but only bullied and belittled all lesser staff in her sights behind closed doors. Leaving her trail of destruction behind by abandoning her post and claiming the same illness to which she herself spread company wide, with management to step forward, accept a mistake and patch the damage with cheap tape and a belated sorry.

Her abuse reverberating still through the minds of all affected, those confident souls shaken by the actions of one, leaving a bitter taste and an all too familiar feeling of injustice. She has not paid the price of the chain reaction of mental abuse she began, only fled like a coward, retreating onto enemy soil where she can not be found and reprimanded. 

I should feel satisfied but I’m left with a void, a period of time during my life when all there seemed to be was despair at the situation, and the loneliness felt after that woman almost succeeded in convincing me that I was at fault. The memories are impossible to forget, the void can not be filled, twelve months of suffering that time can not heal. My broken mind, collateral damage from a mission to break my legs and force me to kneel.

I feel the similar pains looking across the world right now, today’s events combined with current political news is resurrecting my emotional turmoil from my seemingly insignificant circumstance. Stories, protests, fear and bullying for the world to see and it sickens me. People sicken me and no direct command from leaders arose to cause such horror but people themselves decide who they will be, who they abuse, and which methods they will use. One person makes the difference, unites or divides, fights for the weak and leads everyone into progress. One person can make you or break you and all we have to do is choose, no matter our colour, sex, political beliefs, or place in the food chain, you improve life or you set out to destroy it.

The future is uncertain. My wounds may heal, and I hope that no more wounds will be suffered in the wake of this memorable election that seems to have shocked the world.

He has a choice and children of future generations may read in their school history books of 2017 and the unlikely candidate for presidency who single-handedly changed the world, or they can read when that billionaire convinced a continent that they could do as they please.


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