A Simple Request

A simple request from a charity worker: I’ve been trying to eat a sandwich for 45 minutes.

I am paid staff for a charity organisation and although I am grateful for the pay I receive, the treatment in this job role deserves higher monetary compensation. I only work 7.5 hours every day which isn’t much to complain about except during busy periods which are frequent throughout the year where the donations do not stop and time runs out to process everything, 85% of which is unsalable junk. 

A lot of my life is taken up by unpaid overtime to make the working conditions safe for colleagues and voluntary staff which wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t on top of an unpaid lunch break that I have never been able to utilise. Five minutes the maximum to quickly stuff a sandwich down my gullet before having to serve a customer or answer the phone.

If we were paid fully for the lunch breaks that are never taken, money would not be an issue. The environment itself is stressful with the volume of donations and when there are no voluntary staff to help with the work I do almost everything by myself, this leaves me hating the job and resenting the donors for bringing me more.

Hundreds of attempts to find employment elsewhere have failed catastrophically demonstrating that working for a charity, sacrificing your physical and mental health in the service of others has no benefit to oneself and ones own future wasting precious years for very little reward. 

Make what you will of that, say that I should be happy that I’m helping people, tell it to my broken back, my bipolar, and my empty bank account, they won’t listen but you can try.

I have attempted to bargain for that extra half an hour, to be permitted to lock the door for 30 minutes of the day to have lunch, and a little time to breathe but as I’m told again and again I’m not allowed.


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