My Feet Are Cold And Damp

It’s officially winter and like a dope I cleaned my white car yesterday only for it to pelt down dirty rain all over it this morning. It’s freezing and my trousers are soaked making my feet damp and clammy. I’m not in a bad mood about it, I’m just tired and wish that I hadn’t wasted my time cleaning the car but glad I didn’t waste money paying for someone to do it for me, so at least I have that. As for my feet, well, living in England that’s normal.

I’m shaky from a couple of nightmares I had last night and couldn’t get back to sleep thinking of what they meant. I usually sleep with the TV on you see, it puts my mind at peace listening to something other than my own thoughts and last night I switched it off and rolled onto my side. I was exhausted from a busy day and thought I’d sleep like a baby. Big mistake. I forgot there was a good reason why I left it on, but it’s been so long I had totally forgotten and now I’m all over the road driving to work and all over the place now I’m at work.

It started accidentally as it always does, I was feeling a little nostalgic of my childhood and put Beauty and the Beast on and was so tired I dropped off after the first couple of scenes, my DVD in the bedroom plays on repeat so it kept going until morning and it was the best most restful nights sleep I had ever had. I tried it with ‘grown up’ movies and it didn’t have the same effect because I had to follow the story or it just didn’t let me drift off with sudden dramatic scenes, I tried other animated films and series and they worked like a charm.

After four years, I now have the complete collection of Family Guy and American Dad, as well the majority episodes of Futurama and almost every Disney movie courtesy of the partner and his unrelenting desire to help me. He sought out everything and luckily can sleep through anything. 

My brain just does not stop and it’s the only thing that helps me, my negative thoughts have, in the past, kept me up until five am and then when the alarm sounds at six it’s the start of a not fun day for me. 


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