Welcome Back!

Well, we’re back at work and into the frosty car scraping early mornings that we loathe about winter. Once the glitter and sparkle has been vacuumed from the space where the Christmas tree once was and the Baileys bottle has been drunk dry we’re now faced with the beginning of the dark harsh winter and the long slog until the sunny season.

My post Christmas blues began with a pile of rubbish outside of the staff entrance to my workplace in a careless fashion, and I swear that when I walked by the junk moved! There it starts, and continues on into the morning with more rubbish turning up, Christmas decorations and unused wrapping paper. I have no spirit left to last until spring.

I can understand that some services cease during the holidays but if it were me I wouldn’t just throw it at a corner, I would put it all into larger bags in a much tidier manner. I would at least try to keep it clean for my neighbours.

This is one of the many reasons why I wish to leave this job behind, this tells me that nobody has any respect for my workplace, the customers do not, I’ve known that for some time, and the businesses surrounding it clearly have the same feelings. My shop is a domestic waste centre for everyone and I’m supposed to be grateful.

I’m not one to believe this ‘new year, new me’ rubbish normally, but today I really wish that I could walk out of here and walk into a new job and become a new person, filled with the confidence that somebody believed me when I told them that I can do any job. I have the ability to push my problems aside when I’m needed, and I’m not needed here, so my issues are eating away at me.

Please believe me. I can do it.


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