Were You Ready To Close Your Book?

Well I can’t lie and say that I haven’t had any fun at all during 2016, but the fun times didn’t really out weigh those horrible moments I’ve been experiencing lately and I’m afraid I can’t remember most of them. I seem to recall laughing at some things on my birthday but don’t know what they were, and other special occasions, forcing myself to smile and be happy, but I can remember the details of everything that made me sad throughout the year, so when I made it to the last day I was so relieved that it was over.

It’s never like things immediately change at the stroke of midnight but it’s like a chance to forget the previous year, burn the pages and re-write the book, or tell the editor to get bent! A way to start fresh, do whatever you feel like, recreate your character as the invincible heroine who survives every chapter until the end.

I made myself a bubble and the only people inside were family, trustworthy and unarmed with knives to stab in my back like some past friends would have done if I gave them half the chance. I cut the ties of those I foresaw being hazardous to my health and made time for more important things. I simplified life to de-stress which worked most of the time. The funny thing is I haven’t once missed their company and I definitely haven’t regretted a single move I’ve made regarding certain ‘friends’ and the trail of poison they leave in their wake.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my mother and created my new best friend, we enjoy the same things in life and share the same sense of humour. She has been the reason for all of my happy moments in 2016, with little trips, just the two of us, eating good food, gossiping and enjoying life in brief moments, helping me to forget some of my harsh realities during 2016 that I needed the little escape from.


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