Not So Bad

I’ve been angry, pulling faces behind walls at people I cannot abide. I work in my worst nightmare, it has been no secret especially online. 

Providing that my life is organised and that I’m not working a full week I’m happy and if I were in a position to reduce my hours I’d jump on the opportunity if only it were possible. This week I’m working only three days and this excited me so much I couldn’t wait to get out of bed this morning to start the day early and cram as much into today as I could. 

I started with a Starbucks White Mocha and wandered around the stores looking for something to buy. It’s pouring with rain but I bought myself a pair of sunglasses that I liked, because why not? I needed a cleanser, shampoo and cotton wool. It was a mundane little spree as I swigged my favourite coffee and trapsed about acting invisible to the masses. 

It’s my favourite kind of day where I can do whatever I want in whatever time slot, I’m not short on money and don’t have to meet anyone or stay in for parcels, and the cold rain with the wind blowing in my face and ruining my mascara doesn’t bother me because I’m happy. Not walking around smiling like an idiot but content. 

Returning home by 10:45 I switch on the heaters, and with a bowl of cereal and an Audrey Hepburn movie from 1963 I sit and colour my mindfulness colouring book because I can. Later, who knows what else I’ll do, but it won’t matter because whatever it is it’ll be exactly what I want to do. I’ll be happy.


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