I Need A Change

I’ve been sitting on my PC for two hours now, watching YouTube turned into job searching, turned into hopeful CV writing, turned into giving up and blogging about it.

See I can’t find a job I want using a search engine, you know how it asks for a title, skills, postcode etc? I don’t want a title. I don’t want to label myself permanently as one thing, I can be many things. I love diversity, I love change and I want to be all of these things at once, but my current position is always the same, and I think that is what is wrong with it. It would be presumptuous and down right cocky of me to say that I can do any job, but I think I could in time with training do anything and excel in it as long as I believed in it.

My method is that I look for a company, not a title, not a salary, but a place of work with morals. I want to answer to somebody who that company has trusted to represent them, and who is genuinely committed and love the job. I want to work with people who I can admire and who I can aspire to be like. I could work for a retail business that scorns the use of sweat shops in their manufacturing, a cosmetic brand against animal testing, in a care home that treats all patients like they’re human beings. Somewhere there must be a place for me.

I remembered wanting to be an artist, it was never meant to be, but it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t be similar. I dream of my perfect job, one that can make me feel fulfilled, a company who would respect me and others around me and not treat us like cattle sent for slaughter. I dream that a place exists that pays a wage worth the endless back pain and stress, a place that is grateful to you for standing in the front line.

I  must be careful not to complain too much, although I know I’m not alone, there are many that want to leave but just cannot get away as I cannot seem to. We have drifted into the background of this business and we’re so under appreciated that they haven’t even noticed how unhappy we really are, nor do they care as long as we keep turning up.


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