I have stood on the ground where my grandfathers Navy cruiser blew chunks out of the French soil aiming for Germans. He loaded the guns that killed many but didn’t see what he was doing so that makes it okay? No. It doesn’t.

I know why he never spoke of it, I know he knew what he did and what his friends did on that beach. This is war, a word used to justify killing thousands.

I don’t know about any body else but the news becomes more disturbing to me every day, bombings, stabbings, terrorism, dozens dead, thousands dead, millions dead. As long as there have been humans there has been war, but recently it is something else, it’s direct and right there on your doorstep. The battlefields are now schools, shopping malls, theatres, large scale buildings full of people to cause maximum damage. There is no art in war. We fight insane people who have the urge to harm others for the sake of it, we fight religious groups, or those that are posing as religious groups, who want to kill children at concerts for historical revenge on the Western world. What is this? Is this qualified as civil war yet?

In a local town, too close for comfort, a (supposedly) Islamic shopkeeper got attacked by a gang of thugs armed with machetes as a response to recent events. What did he do? Refuse to serve them alcohol? What justifies that? What makes those thugs any different to terrorists? They are terrorists now, it has nothing to do with religion or colour anymore. Then there was the white man in London with ‘mental problems’, a term his family used to explain why it wasn’t a terrorist act. He intentionally sought out to hurt as many people as possible of a specific religion in a public place; definition: terrorist. Hmm… but he’s white!

Before I run away completely with my train of thought, I just want to draw attention to my “(supposedly) Islamic” comment. Yes, well, although we have long established that Islam is not associated with terrorism and that no part of the writings of the Qur’an does it state that it is okay to perform horrific and inhuman acts in order to ‘defend the faith’, and that the saying ‘not all Muslims are terrorists’, springs to mind but there was a serious assault a few months ago in a town not far from where I live where a Sikh man was attacked by a gang of youths in broad daylight, who insinuated, while they were beating his body and tearing his turban from his head, that the attack was because he was Muslim.

Erm… So this is how it is here. One word comes to mind which I won’t type here but it is along the lines of being so blinkered and dumb that there is no hope for the world if these thugs remain a part of it, and that people like this are the reason why terrorism exists.

Now I may not be smart, I may not say the right things, I may upset people sometimes, but I like to think that I’ve got half the brain to decide between what’s right and what’s wrong and yes, historically the British Empire has taken a lot from the world, couldn’t the same be said about the rest of the world at some point in history, many conquests have taken place, we’re all human and this is what happened and it can’t be changed unfortunately.

On the brink of progress we fall at the final piece of straw and allow the uneducated masses have the final say. What happens? War. Haven’t we been here before?


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