I’m sorry to burden you with my troubles, with the stupid things I say that worry you, that afterwards I didn’t mean to say. 

I’m sorry I cost so much money, it must be a lot because you always bring it up in an argument. 

I’m sorry I don’t like it when you leave and make you feel guilty, but I’m just too scared to be alone. 

I’m sorry I can’t pay you back for all the times you’ve given me money so I can go shopping to cheer myself up.

I’m sorry to complain about how much housework I have to do when I’m in the middle of a manic episode and I’m cleaning things that aren’t dirty.

I’m sorry I refuse to take medication for my condition because I don’t want to feel numb and I understand that my decision makes your life harder, but makes me feel more human. 

I’m sorry that I am the way that I am and that there’s nothing I can do about it, because even my happiest day can suddenly turn sour for no reason and I may want to end my life.

I’m sorry that you think it is a failing on your part that I feel the way I do, and I’m sorry that I can’t seem to convince you that it’s not your fault.


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