New World

It happened again. Too close again. There was a stabbing in a nearby town, the boy looked about eighteen. A place I'd been many times, been inebriated many times, a place with 'security' guards that obviously failed their jobs. If I still lived that life I once lived, I could've been there that night, watching someone's last moments. A nightmare that would haunt me.

I know there are places where this situation happens all the time, next town, next street, next door, but it doesn't happen that often here. We're lucky here usually, in the last couple of months everything feels like hell, with all that's going on in the world, and then what's going on here on this little island. In two months, an acid attack, a machete attack, two fatal stabbings and a murder. My nerves are in pieces, what's next? It doesn't happen here so why is it happening?

I'm blaming recent political debates resulting in the general public voting for division, I'm claiming that the rumbling of a civil war is threatening to rip the rain clouds apart. A race war that's about to fork lightening across the country and scorch the earth. We will have a front seat to the end of our lives as we know them and if we survive it, will adapt to living in the burnt out ruins democracy left behind when it fled with its tail between its legs. We will have to start over again.


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